Best Oil Extraction Machines in India 2021

Best Oil Extraction Machines: You think of grocery shopping, and the first thing that strikes in mind is essential items. You enter the market with the intent of buying everything necessary added to the list. You end up picking all the packaged foods without giving it a second thought.

Every grocery shopping has a list of refined oil added on it. You crave the offers and picks up the best of available products. Many companies manufacture the best of products with the intent of maximum sales and demand needs. 

Today, even aata and spices have been made available in packaged form. But do you know that every packaged product has a hidden element added to it? No matter what the labelling entails, there are some chemicals and preservatives added to the product to increase the dependency. 

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After all, human life has always been in the zone of dependency. We risk our lives by trusting every brand that suits our pockets. 

Keeping the health of yours and your loved ones in mind, we have come across a natural way of extracting oil from vegetable oil seeds. This is the purest form of mining minerals in the form of edible oil without any health risk. 

If you are looking to buy one that suits your needs and home space, we are here to fuel your knowledge with some of the best alternatives available currently in the market.

Best Oil Extraction Machines in India:

 Savaliya Industries Cold Press Oil Maker Machine (Best Oil Extraction Machine Ever)

This automatic oil maker machine lives up to the requirements of your household needs as this has been built and designed for multi-purpose oil extraction needs.

This can be a good investment if you are looking for a freshly extracted vegetable oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil, almond oil, soya bean oil and sunflower seed oil.

This one is a better option than buying tons of litres from supermarkets that sell chemicals and colouring agents in the name of fresh and pure oil. 

This Machine is quite small in size that makes it safe to move from one place to another. Also, if you are looking to start a venture, then this Machine is the best buy for a small business. The oil is extracted without reaching to any plastic material; hence good quality oil and assured health can be expected from this appliance.

A smart voice function makes it easy to operate and can be set to hot or cold press as per the need. Hot pressing extract premium aromatic oil and requires a temperature heat of 190 degrees Celsius while cold pressing reserves minerals and nutrients well absorbed and is suitable for flax seeds and needs a heated temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. 

To operate the functions, one has to place the seeds or nuts inside the hopper and push the run button after setting the temperature as per the need.

The pressure of the Machine compresses the seeds and grates excellent oil and extracts it. While the oil is extracting, the waste expels out from the other side of the device.

The Machine automatically stops after all the high fat is removed, so there is no need to keep an eye waiting for it. 

This Machine is equipped with a stainless steel screw that is used for compressing and pushing the materials for most excellent quality oil. 

This investment will make up for a high oil yield as it can compress 50% oil with a speed of 3-6 Kg per hour. It depends mostly on the type of seeds and the time a particular seed take to absorb the functions of a machine. 


  • 304 oil press stick
  • Smart voice prompt function
  • Auto-stop feature
  • Hot and cold press option
  • High oil production up to 50 %
  • Compressing speed of 3-5 kg/hr for peanuts
  • Noise-free Machine
  • No plastic contact of raw materials
  • The automated grating control system
  • Has a power supply of 220V

Pros & Cons

  • Portable device
  • The multi-purpose oil extraction machine
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean with a cleaning brush
  • The oil filter helps to remove extra waste
  • Voice assistant feature is a good option for new users.
  • Can be expensive
  • No automatic temperature control system


Vishvas VI-391 Stainless Steel Oil maker Machine

This VI-391 stainless steel oil maker machine by Vishvas is the most useful and demanding product that considers all your needs. From having a top-class quality with defined features to utilizing less space, this device by Vishvas works the best for extracting natural and fresh oil.

This Machine has a full capacity to run with a running capacity of 24 hours. This is an ideal investment for pressing coconut, groundnut, sesame, flax seeds, Soybean, walnuts, almond, sunflower seeds, and mustard seeds. 

As per the requirement and raw material absorption, it can refine up to 4 to 8 kg/hr. This 15kg device has a 304 food-grade stainless steel coat that makes the oil maker look attractive and straightforward.

The motor has a capacity of 600W that makes the best of refined and durable oil by running 5-6 hours consistently with a 1 hour of rest for smooth and efficient functioning. 

This is an automatic temperature control machine that does not need any pre-set and works well with any kind of raw material. After placing the seeds on the hopper, the Machine just needs 4-5 minutes of preheating to assess the type of material placed and sets the temperature according to that.

This process allows less manual functioning and saves a lot of time for other important work. 

As a safety precaution, this one is a classic example of how oil making should be done without compromising on the health. It has a warranty of 18 years which proves and states the defined quality and durability. 


  • Multi-purpose oil making Machine
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Can function for 24 hours 
  • This Machine can extract 3-4 litre quality oil in an hour
  • Needs a 1-hour rest for smooth operation
  • 4-5 minutes of preheating are required
  • Best for health-conscious buyers

Pros & Cons

  • A healthy option for buyers
  • Made in India
  • Long-lasting durability
  • High power of 600W
  • Has a capacity to refine 4-5liters of premium quality oil
  • Automatic temperature setting allows for more personal space
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean with a brush
  • Easy to move and relocate
  • Expensive
  • Electricity usage could be the problem


Savaliya Industries Stainless Steel Oil Maker SI-702 Fully Automatic Oil Press Machine

This 100% pure oil extractor machine by Savaliya is another blast from the best of Savaliya products. Buyers can easily access this natural oil machine that claims to provide efficient and toxic-free oil in a few hours.

This oil pressing machine is designed with a 304 food-grade stainless steel material that does not affect your health. There is no plastic coating on either side of the Machine, which makes the Machine durable and less harmful for buyers.

This buyer intent machine can be moved anywhere as it is a lightweight, efficient product. 

Buyers just need to plug in the chord and just as a safety measure, one should always choose the same voltage as described in identifier. After that, turn the “heating” button that is used mainly to preheat the device to make it ready to absorb all of the seeds.

The heating process doesn’t take much time but approximately 20 minutes to set the temperature to the optimal model. One has to make sure not to switch off the device once the heating starts. Doing so, the appliance could catch any defect or functioning problem even before grating.

Once that is done, place all of the ingredients into the hopper and turn “squeezing” that ultimately press the ingredients to make refined edible oil. After this process is done, one must not forget to push the “cleanup” button by holding it for 20 seconds for proper removal of oil and excess waste as well.

After the “cleanup” part is done, one should always make sure to unlock the device and remove the screw barrel to clean it with a soft cloth. The oil extracted must be kept for a day to make it usable and efficient for daily meal cooking. 

This oil maker machine has a high power that is equipped with 400W motor power and 300W Heater power for a secure electrical connection. This Machine can efficiently process 4-6kg of seeds or nuts in 1 hour, which can be classified as optimal speed for any oil maker machine. 

There are three ways of oil pressing techniques: Hot pressing, Cold pressing and frying settings which can be modified according to the need and type of the seed. This one has a built-in technology of thermostat heating that pre-adjusts the heating temperature.

It can produce 2-3 kg of oil in an hour which is mostly needed for peanuts. This Machine can function 6 to 8 hours that make up for litres of oil in a short period. 

As a safety measure, one must always use dry and stone-free seeds for a proper grating and pressing. The waste accumulated can be used as organic manure or for fodder.

That ultimately resolves a benefit of the doubt concerning waste excreted. This waste is loaded with proteins and fats and is extremely beneficial for healthy snacks too. 


  • Fully automatic oil maker machine
  • Has a strong power capacity of 400W motor and 220 voltage capacity
  • This machine extract 4-6Kg of seeds in an hour
  • A 3 pressing technique includes Hot oil pressing, Cold oil pressing, and frying set. 
  • Built-in thermostat technology for automatic temperature control
  • Oil extracting rate is up to 45% which requires 3-5 hours.
  • This Machine is a versatile product that can process nearly any seed.
  • Lightweight and movable because of small size

Pros & Cons

  • Fully automatic Machine
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Healthy and hygienic
  • 2-4 kg of oil can be extracted in an hour
  • The small hopper can accommodate less quantity.


Seeds to Oil S2O-2A Oil Extractor Machine and Cold Press Oil Extraction Machines

This Machine by Seeds to oil is a high budget buy if you are seeking for a high-quality cold press oil machine. This Machine can grind and press peanuts, coconut, sesame, soybean seeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, vegetable seeds, almond, castor seeds, and mustard seeds.

The design of this cold press oil machine has been done keeping in mind the health and plastic-free quality oil. This one is a gold-coloured stainless steel machine that runs high on every modern kitchen’s needs. 

The hopper of the Machine is quite medium in size, which makes the space for more quantity of oil within hours. The hopper can hold approximately half of any type of seeds, and the Machine runs at a speed of 1 litre within ½ hour. 

As per the nature and variability of seeds, machines can yield 40-50% of oil is measured in weights. The oil taste usually depends on the kind of pressing technique done, but with this Machine, the oil tastes so much better similar to natural cold-pressed oil machines.

The device has a smooth functioning system and can be operated for long 6-7 hours. The cleaning process needs 10 min of break-up time in between 4 hours of use just to ensure efficiency and durability. 

This cold-pressed oil maker machine has a unique compact design weighing 5.5 kg and can be stored anywhere because of its small size. 

This Machine can be set to a temperature of 70 degrees for cold pressing, which is quite low in comparison to 125-degree maximum temperature reach of frozen press oil maker machine. The built-in crusher rode is made up of food-grade 304 stainless steel.

The Machine requires low power consumption, unlike other oil maker machines. It costs 1 unit of power for 3 litres of oil and is free from noise distractions maintaining 70db level. This one is a perfect investment for alteration free oil and is 100% healthy consumption for kids and adults too. 

As a safety precaution, the waste excreted out of the oil is rich in proteins and fats that can be used as manure. Instead of throwing away the waste particles, one must ensure to keep it safe and usable for gardening or fodder. 

To keep generating the maximum output of oil in a few hours, the buyer must keep a check on quality and dust-free seeds that also contains less than 5% of moisture level. 


  • The temperature control system needs 70 degrees for cold pressing. 
  • Crusher is made of 304 stainless steel food grade.
  • Less power consumption of 1 unit for 3-litre oil
  • Noise level is 70db
  • Multi-purpose oil pressing Machine for any kind of seeds
  • The medium-sized hopper can hold ½ kg of seeds.
  • The Machine has a good speed of extracting 1 litre within 30 minutes.
  • Smooth and efficient long-lasting operation
  • The Machine requires 10 minutes of cleanup time for maintaining working order.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy To Operate
  • Durable With A High Consistent Working Capacity Of 10 Minutes Cleaning Up
  • Low-Temperature Setting Unlike Similar Machines
  • Less Than 5% Of Moisture Content Seeds Allows For Better Oil Taste.
  • Less Than 5% Of Moisture Content Seeds Can Be Achieved By Roasting Seeds On The Stove Before Use.
  • No Warranty
  • Lower Oil Extraction Efficiency Results In 40-50% Of Oil Production.


Ekvira Stainless Steel Automatic Home Oil Extractor, Cold Press Electric oil Press Machine

This EC-700 model by Ekvira has a fascinating look with extraordinary features and the best quality. This product by Ekvira weighs around 7.5 kg and requires much less space in your kitchen. This Cold press oil maker machine has a fully automatic operation that saves much time to adjust for other essential work.

This is the best-refined oil machine by Ekvira as it generates maximum output in much less time. The inbuilt heated oil seed feeder warms up the seeds that allow for them to crush easily and produces good quantity oil. 

One important thing before using this appliance is that the Machine can be well operated for any kind of seeds but Soybean, Corn, Hemp and Grapeseed. These seed generates less quantity of oil and is hard for the machine use. 

This Ekvira model has a 304 stainless steel long rod of 24.3 cm with a 16 press level to attain maximum oil production. There is a larger heater area for better quantity seeds and an integrated crusher that allows no abrasive particles or slag in the area. 

The integrated LCD Digital Display with easy touch button control makes the Machine more resilient and handy. The digital display system brings a touch of aesthetic look and saves a lot of effort and time taken during the process. 

There is nothing much to understand concerning the overall operation of the Machine as it surely has a constructive buyer manual for a detailed understanding.

The buyer just needs to ensure that the system is well established and assembled correctly and crush the seed in a heated feeder by pushing START. 

The coated material is an essential component to protect the raw material against harmful chemicals. A press hall and rod material have a 304 Stainless Steel material, and the Machine utilizes the heating capacity of 230W motor and 400W heater power. 

For the warranty, the company claims to provide doorstep warranty and the best of after-sale service. 


  • 230W Motor And 400W Heater Power Capacity
  • LCD Button
  • Integrated Crusher Allows For No Slag
  • Heated Food Seeder Helps In Warming The Oil For Better Quality Oil 
  • Rod Or Barrel Is A 304 Stainless Steel Coated With Food-Grade
  • The Temperature Control System Allows For Precise Temperature Control For Cold Press Oil Machine
  • Constructive Buyer Manual Provides For A Better Understanding Of The Device

Pros & Cons

  • Easy To Operate
  • Easy To Clean With Brush And Cloth
  • Ensures Purity And Durability
  • Sets Temperature As Per The Nature Of Seeds
  • Allows For Precise Temperature Control That Best Suits The Cold Pressing
  • Best Support System With LCD Digital Display System
  • 45-50% Output With Excellent Efficiency
  • Oil Filter To Suppress Excess Dust Or Residue
  • Residue From The Oil Can Be Used For Gardening Or Snack Making Purpose.
  • Not Suitable For Soybean, Corn, Hemp And Grape Seed


People Also Ask:

  • How much oil can be extracted from 1Kg of seed?
    Naturally, any cold press oil maker machine can generate 40-50% of output with 1kg of seeds. That depends on the consistency level and nature of the grain. But if you are expecting an accurate number, then it can produce 400-500 litres with 1kg of grated seeds.

  • Why is the heater required for cold press oil making machine?
    Generally, the nature and texture of seeds do not fit compatible with the Machine. Some machines require seeds that have high moisture content and are free from dirty slag to extract more and more oil in less time. Low moisture content seeds do not fit that compatibility and are heat resilient. The heater is used then to ease the process by warming up the seeds directly to ensure the best results.

  • Is it necessary for extra refining after extraction?
    The oil extracted from the cold press oil maker machine results in organic, pure, and adulteration free oil. Though, due to extra suppressing and pressing some tiny particles can be found to the bottom, which reduces transparency and efficiency. Most of the machines have a built-in oil refine maker that sweeps away this paining process.

  • How to use an oil press machine?
    This oil maker machine is straightforward to operate and fits best for indoor kitchen cooking. Every household needs can be met with this purchase as this is a natural and organic form of extraction quality oil.To operate the Machine, one just has to preheat the Machine before pushing the start button and then after a good 10-15 minutes of preheating, the Machine automatically sets the temperature as per the nature of the seed, and in case of manual operation, one should always look for reading buyer manual attached with it.There is a cleanup process that needs to be done after all the oil gets accumulated to get rid of extra sacked up oil or waste residue that needs to be removed.


Final Words:

We hope the above-listed products from different companies fits tight to your daily household needs and make you more efficient. The best oil extractor machine just needs a bit of your time and kitchen space for proper smooth functionality. 

Our experts suggest you choose the best when it comes to output and experts claim savaliya cold press oil maker machines to be the best in terms of production. It can produce transparent and most excellent quality oil with a 50% higher yield within 3-4 hours. 

We hope whatever you pack out, turn the best of your investment as we have reached to the list with loads of research and bought to you the best budget-friendly oil pressing machines.

Best Oil Extraction Machines in India
  • Best Oil Extraction Machines


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