Acer XFA240 Review : Best Budget Gaming Monitor Review

Acer XFA240 Review: Nowadays there so many games trending on the internet. in the past years, there are limited gadgets were available to play such digital games, also that video games and CDs are famous in past years. Acer XF240

Now, there are many types of gaming consoles available, and people are playing games and earning more than an engineer’s salary. So people are building gaming pc and playing games on that.

So if you are building a gaming pc you need better gaming monitor to get better viewing and streaming experience so here we are going to see best budget gaming monitor Acer XFA240 which can be included in the list of Best Gaming Monitors.

We need enough gaming experience while playing games and streaming the gameplay. so we need better framerates and specifications.

So in this article, we are going to see the full review of Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor. We will include the specifications and pros and cons of this monitor and you can say it will be the full and ultimate review of Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor.


Quick Specification of Acer XFA240 Monitor
Size24 Inches
Screen Resolution1080p (1920 x 1080) 16:9
G-Sync / FreesyncG-Sync compatible
Refresh rate144hz
Response time1ms
Ports1 x Display Port, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI
Pivot90 degrees
Swivel & TiltYes


Pros & Cons of Acer XFA240 Monitor

  • Affordable Prices
  • Good Picture Quality
  • 1ms Speed of Response Time
  • Awesome Gaming Experience
  • G-Sync Compatible
  • Some Issues with Color Setting and Viewing Angles
  • Some Lagging Issue in Connectivity of Different Ports
  • Not Good Look


Description of Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor:

Although there are a couple of minor issues with Nvidia control panel (screen becomes back to default preferences ) and color settings degradation, together with the aid of certain driver(s), it may be overcome. It makes Acer XFA240 an great choice.

Acer XFA240 needs. A screen that is not heavy on your pocket offers promising attributes like flicker less display, low dimming, and gaming perspective that is desired. It’s functioned using the AMD Freesync technologies to give an edge while playing video games that are competitive. It is an HD 1920*1080, 24-inch track with a 144Hz refresh rate plus two speakers of 2 Watts each.

As stated by the users, it is a buy if you are into hardcore gaming. The extraordinary features like better screen space and information, greatest reaction time, no ghosting, or even while enjoying games that are fast-paced and the sole monitor harmonious with G-Sync when installing NVIDIA 417.71 WHQL driver(s) makes it the best out of all the tracks falling into this budget.

When it comes to the design, Acer has taken a lot of inspiration out of its own Predator lineup. You can see that the Acer XFA240 is really a stripped-down variant though much less grand. Some users might not be comfortable with a track that is too funky with such and additional fittings. If that’s you, then the display’s simple design will knock you down. At this cost, this design is really neat and ought to serve the end-user.

The stand comes Though the Acer XFA240 is still a budget. It is an aluminum stand that holds the track and is sturdy. What are the ergonomics of the display?

Stand, Buttons, and more…

It’s possible to come across the OSD buttons on the base of the display. The buttons are a bit clunky but get the task done.


Design of Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor:

The screen comes to the cabinet and the stand at a grey color having a matte finish. If you’re used to finishes, then you should know about fingerprints that are just how much that they can attract. As luck would have it, that isn’t the case with the Acer XFA240. It is nice to touch, along with your fingerprints are secure with you.

With measurements of 22.3 x 9.6 x 15.2 inches, the screen weighs approximately 14 pounds. Having a footprint that is smaller, this monitor can fit in any area. As a result of the stealthy color strategy, you won’t even detect it. Overall, a design for a budget screen.

Imagine making this monitor into a display. It’d be great for communicating. The display is also ideal as a secondary screen for other chats or Twitch chats if you are an online influencer.

The bezels are neither too little nor too large. While the screen fails to compete with bezel-less screens, the viewing experience isn’t present disturbed by the bezels.

You can tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjust the elevation of this display without any limitations. For a budget screen to give this liberty to the 15, it is uncommon. With this stage alone, the Acer XFA240 surpasses many versions as soon as it comes to ergonomics.

The Acer XFA240 Includes compatibility for VESA. You can use four screws to mount this track on your wall without a lot of work.


Technical Specifications of Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor:

Another great thing about the screen is how bright that you can get. The maximum brightness is about 350 nits that are bright for house use. If you put up a lot of lighting in your room, then this brightness will be able to help you relieve the reflections because this is not an anti-reflective screen.

The contrast ratio we’ve got here is. As you can see blacks and whites this contrast ratio allows for better color output. A good choice is also.

With a 24″ LED-backlit display, the Acer XFA240 comes with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. It comes, therefore, shortcomings and all of the advantages of using one exist here as well. When you want to use a purpose like split 14, the widescreen is useful. If you truly appreciate a widescreen that is.

16:9’s aspect ratio causes this display excellent for press intake that is immersive. When it is movies or TV shows, they give you an excellent experience and simply just take up the entire screen. But, the 2:1 aspect ratio, in which case you will find a bar on top and bottom is used by contemporary content makers.

Performance of Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor:

If you are not sure which settings to use, then you can search online for the best settings. You’ll get lots of users that exhibit their particular settings that cause some visual performance that is excellent.

With these configurations, you can understand that the matches are more vibrant. If you are a fan of games outside, this screen will give you a handle.

Once you choose the screen from the box, you can find that it comes in brightness that’s not required. You can understand that the colors will also be needing some tweaking. It is possible to use the OSD to make alterations that will make the colors better.

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You can set the gamma to about 2.2 as a thumb rule. Based on the room brightness, we recommend going with a brightness setting to receive a screen that is decent. You can also correct saturation and the RGB settings to have a colour profile you’re familiar with.
The viewing angles of the screen are not fantastic. This Is a Result of the face Instead of a IPS or even a VA panel the Acer XFA240 Has a TN panel. For the best results, you need to try staying before the screen.

Additional the Acer XFA240 can also be harmonious with G-Sync. Together with G-Sync, you meet your graphics card’s refresh speed together with that of your gaming monitor. This process will prevent any tearing.
Another feature that affects gaming in a significant way is reaction time. The Acer XFA240 includes a response time of 1ms that’s fantastic. When it comes to ghosting around the screen and reducing motion blur this reaction time is vital.

Gambling on this screen is a fulfilling experience. Using a refresh rate of 144Hz, you may enjoy the smoothness. You can still keep it for optimum functionality to about 120Hz, though the colors can influence in a weird way. This decrease in the rate does not influence.

Connectivity of Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor:

Another important feature that we think ought to be in each monitor is the filter. The blue light coming out of the display can be quite bad for our eyes. It can’t be completely eliminated by this blue light filter but can decrease the amount o light coming from which is fine.

You also receive a screened port which is actually the only interface that supports G-Sync inside this display. There is also a DVI interface which may be handy for a whole good deal of users. The audio in port can be handy to plug into your headphones.
The Acer XFA240 gaming screen comes with a normal set of connectivity choices. You’ve got an HDMI interface that is useful for connections with notebooks and desktops. 1 caveat here is that G-Sync is not accessible over HDMI port. This really is a bummer without a doubt.

The screen will not have a few integrated speakers which are decent. They do not make the cut when it comes to gaming and media consumption so getting a good set of speakers or gambling headphones will be advisable.
The very first feature is a technology that is flicker-less. This one eliminates any flicker on the screen. Though we do not see flickers our eyes can be affected by them in a way that is poor. Having this display can aid your eyes.

The monitor also comes with a couple of user-friendly capabilities.

Should I Go For Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor?

So you are now armed with wisdom and the decision is on your own hands. No matter your choice, I’m sure it will be right for you, now that you know just a little bit more about technology and the terminology that monitors have to offer.
This is a wholly subjective question as elements such as looks and vents are all down to personal tastes but if we speak about bang for your dollar, then I would wholeheartedly recommend this screen. Whenever I am in the market for a brand new screen I always search for 4 things, response time rate, resolution and size. Size is not necessarily that important however, this monitor is a decent 24″ anyway. The Acer XFA240 boasts a 144hz refresh speed which ticks 3 of the 4 boxes for me along with 1ms response time. It is just let down is that the resolution that’s the mainstream 1080p. If we proceed by Steams statistics owning this monitor would have you in company with the other 94% of players out there.


There is a wide assortment of gaming monitors offered in the market. It gets hard to choose and not too thick on your budget. From the above review, we conclude that the Acer XFA 240 screen is one particular high quality, yet pocket-friendly gaming display which will be a treat for you while providing you with an online gaming encounter.

It includes a screen size of Twisted Nematic complete HD display, a more refresh rate that is 144Hz, 24 inches, and reaction time to prevent lagging along with other screen difficulties. Despite, its low price, it’s equipped with attributes like AMD FreeSync for a flawless gaming experience.

Acer XFA240 Gaming Monitor Review
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Acer XFA240 Monitor is the best gaming monitor if you are looking for the best budget gaming monitors which give you best gaming performance.

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