About Us

Hey Fellas!

This is Brian Steve. The owner of this blog. I’m studying for an MBA from Howard University. I was so passionate about to have one blog where i can share different articles. Apart from this, I love to play games.

And I’m addicted to having different gaming rigs at my home. So just thought that I have knowledge about gaming and all computer configuration so let’s make a blog of it.

So I discussed it with my friend and he helped me to get this domain name and I started posting articles here.

Now let’s talk about what you will get in the next years.

So I made a team of geeks who love to write and share their knowledge with others so they will post different articles on monitors and gaming rigs so you guys can read the reviews and make your purchase accordingly.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas or issues you can raise an email on team@reviewsilk.com